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Description: Size 9 1/2 x 11 in., 256 pages, 250 colour and 40 b/w, paperback
Published by: Skira
Category: Architecture Catalogues 
Language: Italian
Year: 2005
Isbn: 8876245618


Architettura Contemporanea in Italia

One of the most absorbing policy debates concerning our country, as it faces a rapidly transforming globalised world, concerns the large architectural and urban transformation projects that have been proposed or completed. This debate, in a territory with strong historical traditions and many environmental resources, involves discussion on the politics of economic development and tourism but also on ethical, aesthetic and environmental legitimacy.
Architecture, seen in this way, is thus never neutral; it is an area of conflict, ground for comparison and an occasion for debate.

This volume is dedicated to the great conflicts in architecture in Italy today, and is part of the large exhibition-event in Salerno that has been curated by important specialists in the field. These specialists are Pierluigi Nicolin, who has been involved in the architecture debate for many years and who is director of the international architecture journal, Lotus and tenured professor in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, and the architect and designer Pierluigi Cerri, winner, together with his architectural firm, of two “Compasso d'oro” awards (among other awards).

Moving away from the traditional historic-ideological and self-celebratory approach, Conflitti. L'architettura in Italia aims to offer a kind of map of conflicts that are "open" and thus of cases that are a "symbol", representing the most significant controversies and conflicting voices in this lively sector (contrasting pairs of terms that are uncommon in traditional architectural criticism are used). In this way a case symbol for each binomial, or "conflict" is presented -: Old and New, Pedestrian and Automobiles, Ordinary and Spectacular, High and Low tech, Faces and Masks, Green and Cement, Tenements and detached Homes, Ancient and Modern.

Starting from the structure and design of materials and moving along the contrasting pairs, the publication aims to be a kind of deconstruction of these analytic categories, in order for one term to cross borders into another, which enables more effective comparison. This is illustrated through more than 150 recent projects by Italian and overseas architects working in Italy.
The catalogue is introduced with an essay by Pierluigi Nicolin and is curated by Editoriale Lotus. The graphics are by Studio Cerri & Associati.
In addition, there are essays by Giacomo Borella, Guido Viale, Pippo Ciorra, Cino Zucchi, Pierluigi Nicolin, Francesco Repishti, Paolo Desideri and Franco Purini.

Salerno, Complesso Monumentale di Santa Sofia
17 December 2005 - 19 March 2006

The official catalogue is available at the exhibition bookshop and at the Skira bookstore in via Torino 61 in Milan and from Jan 11 2006 in all Italian bookstores.

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