Sakti Burman

Book Launch in New Delhi
Date Location
from January 31, 2015
to March 31, 2015
New Dehli



Legends, family, and Indian gods meet and mingle in Sakti Burman’s private, kaleidoscopic universe. While realism resurfaces in his paintings, his work transports viewers into the realm of fantasy across a decidedly optimistic, oneiric landscape. Burman’s characteristically mythical figures evoke ancient tales of courtly romances and captivating worlds, brimming with sensuous maidens, children playing, and exotic birds and beasts.


“Through my work I return to my native roots, my youth, and the transitory world of innocence… The role of memory in art is a recognised fact, but in my case, as a painter living in a foreign city for so many years, my memories are doubly potent in sustaining my creative life.” - Sakti Burman



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