Analysis of Pre-Columbian Sellos of Ecuador

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Analysis of Pre-Columbian Sellos of Ecuador
Analysis of Pre-Columbian Sellos of Ecuador

with Special Reference to Anthropomorphic Iconography

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“So it is an important task that Paolo Brogini and Mario Di Salvo have undertaken in bringing to light one of the oldest and most enduring genres of ceramics in Ecuador: the sello or seal. Interesting the hypothesis of the authors relating to the use of sellos: sellos as a form of communication and sellos as amulets or ritual objects . . . And it is clear from the illustrations and text of these authors that they have taken great joy and have learned a great deal by studying and using these seals.
To underline the scientific importance of the numerous dates that were revealed as a result of thermoluminescence tests. It is their admiration and respect for the past and its beauty that they share with us in the pages that follow.”
Thomas B.F. Cummins

Paolo Brogini, a career diplomat, was Ambassador of Switzerland in Ecuador (1993–1996), in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti (1996–2001) and in Libya (2001–2002).
He studies Pre-Columbian archaeology and has researched the sellos with special attention to Ecuador.

Mario Di Salvo, architect and Director of the Fondation Carlo Leone et Mariena Montandon (, has authored works on various expressions of art – both contemporary (in particular, the field of rational architecture and abstract art) and extra-European, for which he published with Skira in 1999 Churches of Ethiopia. The Monastery of Narga Sellase, in 2006 Crosses of Ethiopia. The Sign of Faith. Evolution and Form and in 2007, in collaboration with Augusto Panini, Middle Eastern and Venetian Glass Beads. Eighth to Twentieth Centuries.
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Anno di pubblicazione2011
AutoreMario Di Salvo, Paolo Brogini
Formato15 x 21cm
Illustrazioni a colori70
spedizioni Spedizioni su territorio nazionale e all'estero in 4/5 giorni lavorativi.


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