Giacomo Puccini

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Giacomo Puccini
Giacomo Puccini

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“Having outlined the typical traits of the Capricorn, we have covered practically everything that characterized Puccini’s life and personality: his career, constructed tenaciously with the backing of his friends and of Ricordi; his family, with his fiercely tyrannical and justifiably jealous wife-mother Elvira and his constant sexual relations with young women, increasingly elevated in rank and culture as his material wealth and public fame grew, up to the Turinese dames, Bavarian baronesses and English ladies, as well, obviously, as the many female protagonists of his operas; the vitalistic, chauvinist shield provided by his friends, his return to the nature of his home province, his vocation for poetic, tortured intimism, his violent, anti-ecological sporting passions, complete with accidents of varying gravity, such as the racing accident in which he broke his leg and discovered that he was suffering from diabetes, which meant that the bone failed to set, affecting his health for the rest of his life; his passion for sex and cigarettes (his love of food was contained by the onset of diabetes; sex led to endless domestic rows, trials for slander against Elvira, blackmail by the rich, beautiful Turinese ‘Corinna’; cigarettes honed the mortal throat cancer discovered in Germany when he swallowed a goose bone that stuck in his throat); his love of achieving objectives that seemed difficult or even impossible” (from Daniele Martino’s text).

An introduction to the life of the artist, richly illustrated in colour.

A study of the most significative works, a selected bibliography and an essential discography.
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Anno di pubblicazione2010
AutoreDaniele Martino
Formato17 x 21cm
Illustrazioni a colori90
spedizioni Spedizioni su territorio nazionale e all'estero in 4/5 giorni lavorativi.


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