Lightfall: Genealogy of a Museum

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Lightfall: Genealogy of a Museum
Lightfall: Genealogy of a Museum

Herta and Paul Amir Building Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Located in the middle of Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s Herta and Paul Amir Building, designed by Preston Scott Cohen, “Lightfall” is a space composed of twisting geometric surfaces that connect the disparate angles between the museum’s galleries and the surrounding context while refracting natural light into the deepest recesses of the half-buried building.
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Lightfall enables the building to embody the tension between two prevailing contemporary models: the museum of neutral white boxes that allows for maximum curatorial freedom and the museum of architectural speci?city that intensi?es the experience of public perusal.
Rather than to display the museum as a sculptural object to the city, a tendency commonly referred to as the “Bilbao effect”, the emphasis of the Amir building, both inside and out, is spatial and social choreography. The geometry of the façade and Lightfall, promenades, sequence of galleries, and palette of materials and color temperatures of light, work together to support the production of innovative curatorial projects and site-speci?c interventions by international artists.
The Amir building has captured the attention of artists, architects, students, historians, theorists and journalists around the world. Few twenty-first century buildings have been the subject of such a great number of attempts to analyze their formative hypotheses and constructed effects. Lightfall: Genealogy of a Museum is a comprehensive compendium of drawings, photographs, and critical essays that articulate the building’s architectural and museological concepts.
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Anno di pubblicazione2016
Formato24 x 28cm
Illustrazioni a colori280
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