Meetings in Marrakech

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Meetings in Marrakech
Meetings in Marrakech

The Paintings of Hassan El Glaoui and Winston Churchill

This catalogue presents paintings of both Sir Winston Churchill and Si Hassan El Glaoui that evoke Marrakech of the forties.
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This exhibition and catalogue are a tribute to the enduring and celebrated friendship between two extraordinary personalities, two  great families, two countries, united by a vast creative spirit which inscribes them in the history of great civilisations. With the affection, respect, humour and modesty inherent to the complicity present in such friendships, Celia Sandys, the grand-daughter of Winston Churchill from the start positions each protagonist in the framework of history of art: “Hassan el Glaoui is a professional artist. Winston Churchill was a Sunday painter”. It is not surprising that Churchill’s attention was captured by Hassan El Glaoui, then a child, and the son of his friend Thami El Glaoui who  used to welcome him with the trust, generosity and honours encountered when meeting the chiefs and men of this hospitable country; nor is it surprising that Churchill envied the gift and grace with which Hassan seemed to use his brushes. Both were doubtless united through the magic cast by the alchemy of colours. Winston Churchill, who was an apprentice in this field, convinced his friend to let his son fulfill this early talent through the appropriate training and work, for he knew himself that true peace cannot exist without the fight for personal freedom. This, the Old Lion, as he is now called, knew better than anyone.
Christiane Catoir
This catalogue was published specifically for the exhibition
Meetings in Marrakech: the Paintings
of Hassan El Glaoui and Winston Churchill
Leighton House Museum, London
20 January – 31 March 2012
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Anno di pubblicazione2011
CuratoreTouria El Glaoui
LinguaBilingue Francese Inglese
Formato24 x 28cm
Illustrazioni a colori50
spedizioni Spedizioni su territorio nazionale e all'estero in 4/5 giorni lavorativi.


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