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Through the Present Future. City of Culture of Galicia

The past, present, and future of macro-architecture and how it constructs our landscape and ways of living and interacts with new urban spaces.
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With essays by Maxwell L. Anderson, Lawrence Chua, Rachel Healy, Ismail Serageldin, Ramón Villares and phographs by Candida Höfer
Back in 1999 the Xunta de Galicia called an International Architecture Competition to build the City of Culture of Galicia on Mount Gaiás in Santiago de Compostela. Twelve proposals by renowned national and international architects' studios were initially submitted to this competition for ideas. Out of all these ideas, the final project to be selected for development was the design by Eisenman Architects, as - to quote the Jury - it was, "unique both in concept and plasticity, and exceptionally in tune with the site's location". After ten years of intensive debate within Galician society and a meticulous building process, the City of Culture of Galicia is now becoming a reality. Located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and conceived as a large-scale hub devoted to hosting the best of cultural expressions of Galicia, Spain, Europe, Latin America, and the world, the City of Culture of Galicia will contribute with its inclusive and pluralistic approach to meet the challenges of the information and knowledge society. This book invites readers to stroll around a new city where past, present, and future cultures coexist: “A new cultural Babylon will open its doors to readers.”
Maxwell L. Anderson is director of The Indiana University Melvin & *Bren Simon Center and CEO of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Lawrence Chua is a professor at Cornell University. Rachel Healy is director of performing arts of Sydney Opera House. Andrés Perea is an architect. Ramón Villares is president of Galician Culture Council. Ismail Serageldin is director of the Library of Alexandria.
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Anno di pubblicazione2011
Formato19 x 25cm
Illustrazioni a colori250
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