Susan Weil

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Susan Weil
Susan Weil

Moving Pictures

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In a career spanning more than sixty years, American painter Susan Weil (b. 1930) has forged a singular path. She came of age as an artist in the postwar period studying under Josef Albers at Black Mountain College alongside Willem and Elaine de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Cy Twombly. Although she has deep roots in the New York School of Art, her work defies easy categorization. She fractures the picture plane, deconstructing and reconstructing images. Fascinated by sequential movements in time, she sets images in motion using canvas, paper, Plexiglas, and aluminum, to name just a few of her mediums, in unconventional ways. Weil embraces serious and playful elements in her work, and unlike her contemporaries, she has never been afraid to pursue figuration and reference reality, unabashedly drawing inspiration from nature, literature, photography, and her personal history. Weil has been a quiet maverick among her postwar peers, but her work speaks loudly and clearly, affirming her place in the history of modern art as a unique and innovative figure. This beautifully illustrated monograph is the definitive document of Susan Weil’s large and diverse body of work to date, including her livres d’artistes and selections of her poetry. The plates are arranged by decade, with an emphasis on her work of the last twenty years. The images are accompanied by scholarly essays on her life and art by Dore Ashton, Olle Granath, and David Weir. 
Dore Ashton is an author, art critic, and professor of art history at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City, as well as a lecturer at Yale University. An award-winning writer, Ashton has published more than thirty books on the arts, including The New York School: A Cultural Reckoning, About Rothko, and Noguchi East and West. Olle Granath is the former art critic of the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, former director of both the Moderna Museet and Nationalmuseum, and permanent secretary of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden. He has published books on Scandinavian art and artists, including works on Per Kirkeby, Olle Kåks, and Erik Dietman. David Weir is a professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The Cooper Union and the author of five books, including James Joyce and the Art of Mediation. He has also published a number of scholarly essays in the James Joyce Quarterly, the James Joyce Broadsheet, and other journals.
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Anno di pubblicazione2010
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