The Creative Austerity

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The Creative Austerity
The Creative Austerity

in Today’s Advertising

This book presents a collection of ads chosen by the Art Directors Club Italiano
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Marketing and advertising jargon contains an abundance of military metaphors: mission, objective, strategy, target, campaign. Like on a battlefield, speed is essential: you have to deal with the conditions and the opportunities of the moment, without wasting time and without missing your aim. Swift by nature and by vocation, advertising provides clues – often more accurate than other pop culture segments – on the mood that prevails in the place and at the time it appears. So if, like what is happening now, we are bang in the middle of epoch-making transformations and changes, advertising becomes an effective mobile observatory, a periscope, a radar that can tell us where we are, where we are going and what lies ahead.
This book presents a collection of ads chosen by the Art Directors Club Italiano not only for the profuse and powerful imaginativeness that has gone into them, but also their ability to X-ray the present.
If an economic crisis must fatally correspond to a period of austerity, the hope is that it will be a “creative” and fertile austerity, a generator of stimulating ideas rather than stereotypes. This was the theme given to the book’s 18 contributors, who analyse and comment on trends, languages, novelty and mannerisms from a variety of perspectives, not merely to take stock of advertising tout court but to investigate the relationships between economic austerity and the media, arts, fashion, technology, music, environment, social responsibility, and the future.
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Anno di pubblicazione2012
AutoreADCI – Art Directors Club Italiano
LinguaBilingue Italiano Inglese
Formato21 x 28cm
Illustrazioni a colori381
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