Zeng Fanzhi ed. Trees and Rock



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Zeng Fanzhi ed. Trees and Rock
Zeng Fanzhi ed. Trees and Rock

Catalogue Raisonné Volume I

The Zeng Fanzhi Catalogue raisonné. Volume I 1984-2004 is a landmark publication systematically incorporating records from the artist, agents, auctions, museums, collectors and any other possible sources to compile by far the most comprehensive record of the artist's oeuvre, written as is appropriate to international scholarly methodology.
This volume is one of a collector's edition limited to 198 copies, accompanied by a lithograph signed by the artist. ZENG FANZHI Tree and Rock / stone lithograph, on Rives BFK paper, edition of 99 plus 4 APs 28 x 22 cm (11 x 8 1/2 in.) The lithograph cannot be sold seperately to the catalogue raisonné
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This catalogue illustrates chronologically every confirmed work by the artist, inclusive of all media, from 1984 to 2004, for the first time presenting his entire oeuvre in the past 20 years. For each singular work, there is comprehensive information including detailed description, inscription, provenance, background, preparatory studies, documentary photographs, extensive bibliography and worldwide literature and exhibition records, as well as any associated primary archival documents which have never been published before. It offers a new privileged point of view and a most sought-after independent reference to understand the artist and the Asian contemporary art scene he is rooted within.
Volume I details the complete oeuvre of Zeng's most acclaimed Hospital, Meat and Mask series, combined with a comprehensive timeline, with colour illustrations and documentary photographs in its main book and in the addendum in Chinese. Hospital and Meat series strikes spectators with Zeng's strongly expressive brushwork, significant mastery and bold application of meat-like red hues. Protagonists in the series are both abusers and abused, and in this complication embody strong insights to interrogate the state of humans' existence: their agonies, their predicaments, their vulnerable condition and possible redemption, providing a universal resonance across different cultures. Mask series possesses the same creative ambition to touch both the hearts of the world and the Chinese. It was created in conjunction with the economic reform and opening up of China in the 1990s, a heady time with China and its people experiencing many dramatic changes in her socio-cultural milieu.
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Anno di pubblicazione2020
Formato24 x 30cm
Illustrazioni a colori690
ArgomentoLimited Edition
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