11 fotografi 1 vino

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11 fotografi 1 vino
11 fotografi 1 vino

Eleven of the worlds most famous photographers have given free expression to their relationship with wine and its traditions giving birth to...
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Eleven of the worlds most famous photographers have given free expression to their relationship with wine and its traditions giving birth to an extraordinary illustrated volume: Flavio Bonetti, Franco Fontana, Georg Gerster, Ralph Gibson, Eikoh Hosoe, Mimmo Jodice, William Klein, Don McCullin, Helmut Newton, Ferdinando Scianna and Alice Springs.
Though coming from different countries these photographers have been able to capture the fascinating Mediterranean echoes of a world that can still freely and passionately combine tradition with advanced technology, the simple work of country folk with the subtle memories of culture and mythology, the graphic rigour of a anthropic territory and the rites of the grape harvest.
With their art each one of them discovers and transmits to us a fragment of passing life, fretting and calming through wine: the earth and the landscape, mankind and nature, labour and the instruments of work, high technology, the final product and its conservation.
Different aspects of an ancient tradition are captured in turn in accordance with different modes of interpretation: from the almost cinematographic process of unfolding events to the still asceticism of single detail, from the single unit to the overall picture, the person to the group, the weightiness of material to liquid transparency.
Leading players in the pages of this book are the romantic and silent landscapes, the sleepiness of vineyards, the whirlwind of the grape harvest, euphoric bacchic explosion, but also the only apparently minor details of the perfect roundness of a grape, the tortured contortion of a vine shoot, the meticulous order of piled wine bottles, the metallic sheen of the cisterns rendered here in refined and vibrant black and white images.
This original adventure of both photography and life began fifteen years ago when Maurizio Zanella called a world famous photographer to Ca’ del Bosco to interpret the fascinating world of wine. This photographer was followed by each of the others who, each in his/her own way, interpreted this particular world through their lens. What emerged was an extraordinary collection of photographs giving the photographers’ viewpoint on the one hand and on the other, a world made of landscapes, faces, gestures and situations which speak of their place of birth: Ca’ del Bosco.
Dimensions28 x 36cm
Colour illustrations171
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