A Journey to the World of the Ottomans

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A Journey to the World of the Ottomans
A Journey to the World of the Ottomans

The Art of Jean-Baptiste Vanmour (1671–1737)

Jean-Baptiste Vanmour was one of the most important “orientalist” artist: this publication is the most comprehensive survey of his works.
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Orientalism can be defined as a historical and cultural event, which has been uniting various aspects of cultural life for a number of centuries – literature, fine arts, architecture, music and philosophy. A “vision” of the East – positive or negative – based on imagination or historic facts, it has generated an exotic image in our consciousness, which has its own right to existence.
The Franco-Flemish artist Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1671-1737) was the art-biographer of the XVIII century Ottoman Empire. He left a very important
legacy – pictorial evidences which can be considered as historical illustrations of all the aspects of XVIII century Ottoman life: from diplomatic ceremonies in the Ottoman court to everyday events of Istanbul multinational society.

At a crucial and timely moment in the history of relations between the West and Islam, this book provides the context and essential background to understanding this part of the world and the intense debate on this theme.
Olga Nefedova is an art advisor, specialized in Orientalist art movement. Educated in Russia and Kuwait, she traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, has lectured on various subjects and has written a number of articles for several international magazines on different aspects of Orientalism. She is a member of the International Association of Art Historians and the International Association of Art Critics.
Edited byOlga Nefedova
Dimensions24 x 28cm
Colour illustrations242
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