Cuaderno C Francisco de Goya

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Cuaderno C Francisco de Goya
Cuaderno C Francisco de Goya

An album withover 100 drawings bythe Spanish master
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Acollaboration between Skira and the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid,this work is an accurate reproduction of the precious Cuaderno C(Album C) composed of over 100 drawings by the master Goya. The AlbumC is an example of the complexity of Goya’s work; made over the course ofthe War for Independence and the following years of repression, its theme isinfluenced in many aspects by the historical moment (1808–1820). It coversa vast range of topics, from aspects of everyday life to dreamy visions of thenight world; a vast group of sheets is made up of drawings of prisoners ofthe Inquisition and scenes of cruelty in prisons. The Cuaderno C is the mostimportant and unique album that has survived almost intact, and it is held atthe Museo del Prado, formerly in the Museo della Trinità. Unlike the first twodrawing albums [Albums A and B], bought by Goya already bound, he madethe Album C himself with sheets of Spanish paper and not with Dutch paperfrom better quality, due to the economic situation of the artist and the countryin war and post-war periods. An essay by José Manuel Matilla Rodríguez, arthistorian and head of the Department of Drawings and Prints at the MuseoNacional del Prado, accompanies the volume of drawings.
• An accurate reproduction of a precious album with over 100 drawings by themaster Goya, some previously unpublished.
• Important collaboration between Skira and the Museo del Prado in Madridfor the museum’s 200th anniversary.
LanguageFive languages Ita/Eng/Fre/Spa/Ger
Dimensions22.5 x 16.2cm
Colour illustrations130
ArgumentSpecial edition
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