Danilo Lisi. Quattro chiese


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Danilo Lisi. Quattro chiese
Danilo Lisi. Quattro chiese

Complessità dell’architettura di culto

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This book deals with the relationship between architecture and liturgy, which has returned with force to the centre of the cultural debate thanks to the work of Danilo Lisi.
The four churches examined have been designed and constructed over the last fifteen years (Santa Maria Goretti and San Paolo Apostolo in Frosinone, Sacro Cuore in Ceccano and San Carlo in Isola del Liri) and bear witness to the author’s efforts to rediscover the celebratory and symbolic functions in places of worship.
His ability to reconcile innovation with tradition emerges through the introduction of those symbolic-numerological components that belonged, more than we might expect, to great Renaissance architecture.  Clarity of volume is explored in-depth.  Spaces are sharply defined, “proportioned” with each other, in a lucid balance of fullness and emptiness, between open and closed spaces: the ability to harmoniously project the proportions and breadth of the interior into the parvis.  Finally a fundamental dialogue is established between curves and straight lines, between circle and square, developing the classical alphabet with plastic intuition and modern volumetrics.
All the characteristics above qualify Danilo Lisi as one of the most valid and promising representatives of new Italian architecture.
The works are extensively documented through images and drawings, which explain the overall structure of the buildings.
Danilo Lisi was born in Frosinone in 1953.  He graduated at the age of twenty-five from La Sapienza University in Rome.  As a freelance professional he has significant experience in the design of public works.  For years now he has been engaged in the issues of bio-architecture, taking part in studies in Italy and abroad.  His works have been published in major Italian publications.  He is a lecturer at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Frosinone and in Naples, he also teaches Elements of Architecture and Urbanistics the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera, Milan as well as Territory Analysis and Landscape Design at the same institute.  Over the years he has held lectures at numerous Academies of international repute.
Edited byCarlo Chenis
Dimensions21 x 21cm
Colour illustrations70
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