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Eric Owen Moss
Eric Owen Moss

L’incertezza del fare

This volume presents the long voyage of the architect, that has always been deeply rooted in advanced experimentation and unconventional progress
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Considered one of the leading architects in American experimental architecture, Eric Owen Moss is also one of the most interesting figures in the contemporary international debate.

The boldness of his projects, the way in which they allow for contingencies and leave space for the occurrence of a new, provisional order, and his profound desire to always put himself to the test and to constantly look for possible cultural cross-fertilisations allow Moss to put into practice what he provocatively defines as the Penelope theory of architecture: like Odysseus’s faithful wife, who at night undid the shroud she wove during the day, so is the architect who, when he designs, makes something and dismantles it simultaneously.

It is impossible, by examining his work chronologically, to find an evolutionary logic to it. Even within the so-called L.A. School, Moss is an unusual and atypical character who, since his early works, stands out from the other protagonists of Los Angeles architecture of his own generation, which immediately followed Frank O. Gehry’s early works. We can consider the series of constructions he completed in Culver City as one of the most successful experiments in building the contemporary city piece by piece, and surely one of the urban planning attempts which best relates to its original context.

From Culver City, Eric Moss has been able to slowly emerge at the end of the 1990s and to develop a series of projects in other American and European locations. This volume presents his long and intense voyage that has always been deeply rooted in advanced experimentation and unconventional progress.
The volume is available at the bookstore in via Torino 61, Milan and from May 3 2006 in all Italian bookshops.
AuthorPaola Giaconia
Dimensions16.5 x 21cm
Colour illustrations229
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