Fashioning an Empire


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Fashioning an Empire
Fashioning an Empire

Textiles from Safavid Iran

texts by Nicoletta Fazio, Massumeh Farhad, Sumru Belger Krody, Tara Desjardins, Tatiana Zhdanova
With their sumptuous surfaces, original designs, and technical sophistication, luxury textiles played a critical role in the social, cultural, religious, and economic life of Safavid Iran (1501–1722).
Used for clothing, furnishing, and movable architecture, fabrics also functioned as important symbols of power and as ubiquitous forms of artistic expression.
In the seventeenth century, they became the most lucrative economic commodity in Iran and were exported by land and sea to both Europe and the East, generating tremendous wealth and prosperity for the Safavid Empire.
This beautiful book from the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, tells the story of silk during the reign of Shah ‘Abbas I and how the production of luxury fabrics and floor coverings transformed Iran’s fortunes in the 17th century.
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By employing the most talented designers and bringing the industry under state control, Shah ‘Abbas built a flourishing silk economy that fuelled an era of rich artistic development and cultural exchange.
Fashioning an Empire captures this moment in time, showcasing masterpieces from the period complemented by manuscript illustrations and portraits depicting how the silk fabrics were worn by the elite of Iranian society.
With over 70 images including stunning detail shots, the book also features essays and catalogue entries by experts in the field exploring the social and political context for the works and the skill involved in their creation.
A selection of extraordinary textiles from the collections of the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) highlighting the importance of silk in the vibrant social, economic, and artistic life of the Safavid empire (1501-1736).
A companion to the exhibition in Doha, this book focuses on a selection of extraordinary seventeenth-century textiles and full-length portraits from Safavid Iran. Fine illustrated manuscript folios from our collections are also included.
Dimensions18 x 24cm
Colour illustrations100
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