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Jessie Homer French
Jessie Homer French

Fish, Fire and Death

with texts by Francesco Bonami, Louise Farr, Jen Sudul Edwards
Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful world of self-taught artist Jessie Homer French.
Fish, Fire, and Death, her first major publication, summarizes her career and practice, taking readers on a journey through her depictions of environmental catastrophes, blazing fires, and shoals of fish.
French’s deft hand and poetic eye capture the fleeting moments of existence, reminding us of the transience of life.
Her work is both haunting and idyllic, set against the stunning backdrop of the hilly San Jacinto Mountains in California.
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As readers leaf through the pages of this book, they will be transported to French’s world—a poignant celebration of the natural world, even in the face of its destruction.
Born in 1940 in New York, NY, Jessie Homer French lives and works in Mountain Center, California.
Homer French is a self-taught, self-proclaimed “regional narrative painter” who routinely, perhaps even obsessively, paints archetypes of death, nature, and rural life.
Through a simplified language of apparently naive, flat colors and calm brushstrokes, her paintings emerge as a continuous analysis of her surroundings, in which creation and destruction coexist with exemplary candor.
The paintings reproduced in Fish, Fire, and Death are a lyrical exploration of the fragility and beauty of existence, conveyed through soft brushstrokes and a vibrant palette.
Often depicting death and destruction – which usually comes in the aftermath of fires – the artist consistently challenges the viewer through the use of striking imagery, such as large numbers of deceased fish in pristine water or funerals with heavily adorned coffins that draw attention away from the bereaved.
Despite the artist's realistic representation of these scenes, they possess an otherworldly and surreal quality that transports the viewer outside of their present reality and creates a sense of disorientation and awe.
Jessie Homer French, blessed with a poetic eye and a deft hand, reminds us of the transience of life, capturing the fleeting moments of existence in a way that is both haunting and idyllic.
Dimensions28 x 33cm
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