La Stazione Centrale di Milano

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La Stazione Centrale di Milano
La Stazione Centrale di Milano

Il viaggio e l'immagine

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Departure is declined in the plural: subject of experience, ideal script for a real space, the screen on which to project a thought.
The station reveals and nurtures our actions, it induces them, providing contradictory emotions to our state of mind. Departure has many voices and faces.
Life itself is com-posed by a double journeying, sometimes through physical proceeding sometimes through dreams.
Thus, being ambivalent spaces of action and reflection suits stations. When arrivals are unexpected and the commonplace becomes common places. Co-shared.
Because we never arrive complete. We are never again the same person when travelling has carried us “elsewhere”.
Massimiliano Finazzer Flory
A volume devoted to the Central Station of Milan and its different transformations, some of which are currently being carried out. A story of travels and travellers, departures and arrivals, but also, unfortunately, of areas that are very often rundown, uninhabitable and left to their own devices.
The volume illustrates the work that has been done to change this reality and this image: an operation revaluing the station’s services, spaces and structures which are of great architectonic and civic quality. These are no longer only places of transit they have now become places where people stop, stay reflect and meet: new spaces where one can come to pass the time even without having to depart for somewhere.

The Central Station of Milan will be a different place when the work currently in progress is concluded. The project to re-qualify the magnificent spaces originally created by Ulisse Stacchini involves the cleaning and conservation of the marbles, stuccoes, mosaics and paintings that for over seventy years have made the Milanese railway hub unique. The bronze chandeliers designed by Stacchini himself will again shine as they once did, the grandiose vaults which have suffered from the passing of time more than other elements will be reinforced with strips of carbon fibre and special resins in a sophisticated technological operation. The mosaics on the floors will be carefully cleansed and restored as will the Royal Room at platform 21, the magnificent halls, the staircase and a thousand secret decorations within these spaces.

The stations will be given new functions hitherto unimaginable for an Italian railway station; for this reason the carriage gallery will be closed to traffic and new interior spaces will be created inside the station where citizens will be able to meet, have a cup of coffee, eat something, maybe even browse through a book and view the paintings of an open-air exhibition. Serenely and calmly.
The volume is available at the bookstore in via Torino 61, Milan and from Feb 22 2006 in all Italian bookshops.
Edited byMassimiliano Finazzer Flory
LanguageBilingual Italian English
Dimensions15 x 21cm
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