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Opere e progetti 1991–2006

This publication by Michele Costanzo examines the entire body of MVRDV design work and theory, from its beginnings to recent buildings
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The work of the MVRDV architectural studio can be seen as a symbol for the important turning point in Dutch architecture which took place in the 1990s and which set in motion a radical transformation of the country.
MVRDV, established in 1990, is made up of architects who studied under Rem Koolhaas. The practice is one of the most brilliant and stimulating exponents of recent Dutch modernism. Through its successful projects, international competitions and publications, it has demonstrated a new and experimental way of understanding and designing the contemporary city. At the end of the 1990s it took the spotlight with the VPRO building in Hilversum and the WoZoCo’s special residential buildings in Amsterdam; these projects were supported contemporaneously by the theoretical contributions entitled Farmax and Metacity/Datatown. MVRDV then gained international critical renown with the Dutch Pavilion for the Hanover Expo. The studio is one of the most dynamic concept and design realities in contemporary architecture, able to produce both theory and design, and actively renew the key words and language of architecture in the context of a reality in deep transformation.
This design philosophy can be seen in MVRDV’s most recent works, such as the two houses for Borneo-Sporenburg, the Silodam building of overlapping villas in Amsterdam, the Hageneiland village in Ypenburg, the Central Library in Brabant and the recent residential complex built in Madrid.
This publication by Michele Costanzo examines the entire body of MVRDV design work and theory, from its beginnings to recent thought-provoking buildings. In addition, it offers the reader an original critical look at contemporary Dutch architecture.
Michele Costanzo was born in Ancona in 1939 and lives and works in Rome where he is professor of Design at the Valle Giulia Architecture Faculty.
As an architect and urban designer he has completed works for public and private clients and has participated in many national competitions.
He has organised exhibitions on architecture at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Palazzo Braschi Museum and the Castel Sant’Angelo, all in Rome, at the Salon International de l’Architecture, Grand Halle, La Villette, in Paris, and at the Concord Lighting Gallery in London.
He has written for L’architettura. Cronache e storia and other national magazines such as Rassegna di Architettura e Urbanistica, Metamorfosi, Parametro, L’Arca, Controspazio, and the digital magazine Arch’it.
He has translated and edited the following: Hans Ibelings, Supermodernismo, Castelvecchi, Rome 2001, and Nicholas Serota, Esperienza o interpretazione, Kappa, Rome 2002.
For Kappa publishers he is editor of the architecture series Percorsi.

His recent publications include: Bernard Tschumi.L’architettura della disgiunzione, Testo e Immagine, Turin 2002; Stanze separate. Percorsi critici attraverso il modernismo italiano, Kappa, Rome 2003; Dutch Touch. Sulla seconda modernità in Olanda (as editor, with Hans Ibelings), Kappa, Rome 2004; Adalberto Libera e il Gruppo 7. Dalle lettere del suo archivio, Mancosu, Rome 2005; Claus en Kaan. L’architettura dell’attenzione, EdilStampa, Rome 2005; and Sant’Elia e Boccioni. Le origini dell’architettura futurista (with Maria De Propris), Mancosu, Rome 2006.
The volume is available at the bookstore in via Torino 61, Milan and from August 30 2006 in all Italian bookshops.
AuthorMichele Costanzo
Dimensions16.5 x 21cm
Colour illustrations156
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