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Roberto Polillo
Roberto Polillo

Visions of Venice

“[Venice] is still left for our beholding in the final period of her decline: a ghost upon the sands of the sea, so weak – so quiet, -- sobereft of all but her loveliness, that we might doubt, as we watched her faint reflection in the mirage of the lagoon, which was the City, and which the Shadow.”
John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice
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The moored gondolas at the Riva degli Schiavoni, the basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, the Basilica of St Mark, the Doge’s Palace, the Grand Canal, the islands of Burano and Murano: 120 images - or better “visions” – of Venice by Roberto Polillo.
“Visions of Venice” is the first chapter of “Impressions of the World", the decade-long project of Roberto Polillo that aims to research the “genius loci” of cities and countries around the world. An artistic and spiritual adventure that has taken him so far to Morocco, India, South East Asia, Central America, New Mexico, Miami, Iceland and Italy.
The project is all made with the ICM - Intentional Camera Movement - shooting technique, a form of expression that is still relatively unknown but has enormous potential, and involves creating images with long exposures and moving the camera while taking the photo.
Born in Milan in 1946, Roberto lives between his native city and Rome. As a youth he was into photography and music. In the 1960s he photographed over a hundred jazz concerts for the magazine Musica Jazz — edited by his father Arrigo, the well-known jazz critic and historian — building up a complete gallery of portraits of the most important jazz musicians of the period.
These images have been displayed in numerous solo exhibitions, and used for magazines, books, CD sleeves and online magazines. They are also published regularly in monthlies like Musica Jazz and JazzIt. A wide selection of the portraits is on permanent display at the Fondazione Siena Jazz in Siena. In 2006 Roberto published the photographic book Swing, Bop & Free (Marco Polillo Editore), which presents over 100 portraits of jazz icons of the 1960s.
After obtaining a physics degree, Roberto entered the IT field as both an entrepreneur and university professor. Just over a decade ago he started taking photographs again, conducting personal research in fine-art digital photography mainly through exploring the possibilities of the ICM — Intentional Camera Movement — shooting technique.
The Impressions of the World project, realized entirely with this technique, combines his passion for photography with that of travelling to exotic countries. It features images that visualize the atmospheres he has perceived while visiting the various places, including Morocco, Cuba, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Central America, the Caribbean and Iceland.
Venezia, Casa dei Tre Oci
23 gennaio – 28 marzo 2016
LanguageBilingual Italian English
Dimensions28 x 24cm
Colour illustrations120
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