Sven Marquardt

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Sven Marquardt
Sven Marquardt

Götterdämmerung. Il Crepuscolo degli Dei

Götterdämmerung. The Twilight of the Gods presents for the first time in such comprehensive manner the works of Sven Marquardt, born in East Berlin in 1962.
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Once “clandestine” photographer and now undisputed protagonist of the reunited German capital´s underground art scene and front-man at the Berghain, Berlin’s most famous club, with its ten-year-history known worldwide for its uniqueness. Through Marquardt’s unmistakable style, suspended between intimacy and voyeurism, a selection of more than sixty photographs tells the story of Berlin’s social and cultural evolution and transformations from the raging years of the Cold War to the hedonism of today.
Sven Marquardt (East Berlin, 1962) lives and works in Berlin. He formed himself as camera operator at the DEFA (the studios of public property of the DDR) and through the collaboration with the photographer Rudolf Schäfer, iconic Figure of East Germany, he began his career in the early 80s, publishing the first pictures on the periodicals “Der Sonntag” and “Das Magazin”. In parallel with his work as fashion photographer, Marquardt began to document the underground scene of East Berlin. After the fall of the Wall, Marquardt plunges into the magmatic club-culture of the reunited Capital and quits photography for a few years. Subsequently he begins again to work with photography, as personal research project as well as in the world of fashion (he curated the campaigns for Levi’s during the Berlin Fashion Week in 2011, and for Hugo Boss in 2014). Since 2007, Sven Marquardt contributes significantly to the definition of the image of the record label Ostgut Ton of the Berghain. His pictures were displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad.
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Colour illustrations65
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