Wilmotte - Murano

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Wilmotte - Murano
Wilmotte - Murano

Published on the occasion of the exhibition "Agua e foco" – "Water and Fire" – this books presents the work of French designer Jean- Michel Wilmotte through crafts.
Celebrating the unique skills of glassblowers and glass artisans, Wilmotte’s collection "Vessels" is a mix of nostalgia and modernity. Works, mainly inspired by his childhood’s memories and objects in his father’s pharmaceutical laboratory, are made in historical workshops of Murano (an island in the Venetian Lagoon known alla around the world for the glass creations of its artisans).
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Chandeliers, table lamps, vases and other objects presented in this book are made for public and private spaces and are displayed in hotels, theaters, train stations and offices in many countries.
Glass is a material both simple to make and difficult to work with. It offers infinite creative possibilites for those who know how to master it. The collaboration between Wilmotte and Murano’s craftsmen results in unique works playing with forms and supports. The designer’s vision spreads through all the glass creations. Transparency and malleability of glass allow delicate art works with sharp lines and this material is perfect to emphasize symmetry and equilibrium – which are key themes in Wilmotte's work.
The photographs of this book, exclusively taken at Venice, suggest travelling through the city and its artisans’ workshops. Alessandra Chemollo’s work confront Venice of postcards and Wilmotte’s creations in pictures playing with light and reflections. Architecture and craftsmanship are mixed, in a quest for continuity and complementarity.
LanguageTrilingual Italian English French
Dimensions28 x 30cm
Colour illustrations150
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