Skira has been a leading example of a truly international and supranational brand since 1928, and is well-established on all the principal markets through publication of its products in several languages, always under the Skira brand name.

Promotion and distribution in Italy

Skira ensures a wide-reaching traditional distribution network through the PDE/Messaggerie Libri organization. The sales network consists of 21 sales representatives who visit over 1000 sales outlets each month, and reach over 3000 customers through wholesalers – including both independent bookshops and the large chains such as La Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Giunti al Punto, the Coop and the online giants Amazon and IBS, of course – presenting new books to booksellers and taking care of the restocking.

From the logistical point of view, the distribution through Messaggerie makes it possible to restock sales outlets all over Italy quickly and efficiently – within 24 hours for the larger towns – while, due to the power and prestige of the brands we distribute, the PDE network allows us to establish a preferential relationship with booksellers for the display and sale of our books. At the same time we have a network of trusted bookshops operating throughout Italy with whom we have a direct and personal relationship.

A bookshop is not simply a shop that sells books. Our role as publishers makes it important for us to work with booksellers, particularly the independent bookshops, so that they can continue to manage their shops as places of culture, where people can come together, discuss and exchange ideas.

International promotion and distribution

Skira uses DAP to distribute its English language products on the American continent. DAP (which stands for Distributed Art Publishers) is a network for promoting and distributing goods mainly oriented towards art and illustrated books. The books are distributed under the Skira brand.

Direct distribution, as opposed to distribution exclusively through wholesalers, offers a number of exclusive advantages:

  • the promotion and presentation of new books on the sales network, and stocking of the goods for 24 months;
  • inclusion of the books in the publishing catalogue, distributed at the leading book fairs and sent to over 15,000 contacts;
  • in the USA and Canada, agents dedicated to the traditional trade and agents dedicated to museum bookshops and alternative sales outlets to bookshops. The books are also presented in 20 showrooms distributed across the USA as well as on the Amazon website.

In the rest of the world, the English language books are promoted and distributed by Thames&Hudson, the London publishing house that specializes in illustrated books on art and design, and a long-established partner of Skira. T&H has a presence around the world through a wide-reaching sales network, with promoters and branches in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East, and Australasia.

In particular, the distributor has a direct presence in the following countries: the United Kingdom and Ireland, France and Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland; the Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe, including Russia; and in the South of Europe, Spain and Greece.


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