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Companies are increasingly required to showcase themselves to the world by recounting their own history, involving the public in their current operations and bringing it with them as they imagine and plan out the future. Skira has created a specific department and a series of books dedicated to the corporate publishing sector, focused on enhancing the content supplied by the companies or in drafting it from scratch, endowing it in either case with an exceptionally stylish look and feel. As such, the publications in question, which are promoted and distributed internationally, serve as a three-dimensional business card targeted at raising the profile of the companies, amplifying and bolstering the penetration of their corporate message.

Over the years, the publishing house has refined the tools that enable it to offer to companies a wealth of services, ideas and support that is international in its scope and is certainly unmatched by any other specialised publisher. Skira offers a comprehensive quality package, taking in editing, graphic design and technical aspects; collaboration with authors specialising in corporate storytelling; the option to publish in any language; and a bookshop distribution supported by a national and international promotional and marketing network.

History and image of the epoch-making companies and brands

Skira has celebrated the 125th anniversary of Bulgari, told the story of Kartell, charted Loro Piana’s journey on the trail of the finest cashmere, worn Tod’s and Hogan in search of the best Italian craftsmanship, worked with Ferragamo to recount its story and document its cultural activities, explored the latest, incredible Ferrari down to the smallest detail, accompanied Ferrero from its factory in Alba all the way to South Africa, India and Cameroon, perused the extraordinary Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels collections, visited the production facilities of Venini, Fontana Arte and Cassina, and travelled throughout Italy across the Autogrill landscape. Skira is the only Italian publisher that is a member of Altagamma, the association that brings together and promotes globally the brands that symbolise Italian creativity, design and manufacturing.

Great sporting stories

When we talk about exploits that have gone down in history, we cannot fail to mention the sporting legends and, in particular, the stories of the great teams, with football at the forefront. To them, Skira dedicates a specific series of spectacular volumes that commemorate, as official souvenir editions, the major anniversaries of the most acclaimed clubs.

Limited Edition: for bibliophiles and the most exacting of collectors

The concept of the limited edition is at the heart of Skira’s history: the early, legendary books illustrated by Picasso, Matisse and Dalí, enthusiastically commissioned by the founder Albert Skira, were published in very limited, numbered editions of exceptionally high quality. 

The Limited Edition books from Skira are issued in two series: the Collector’s Editions, accompanied by the printing of one or more originals, numbered and signed by the artist, and the Fac-Simile Editions, which will feature perfect, philological reproductions of some of the all-time masterpieces of art publishing. Both of the Limited Edition series are available in numbered print runs. These sophisticated, unique volumes have been painstakingly designed, down to the smallest detail, from the text and the images to the printing and packaging. 

Limited edition is a concept at the very origin of Skira’s history: the first legendary books illustrated by Picasso, Matisse and Dalí, projects that were pursued with great determination by the founder Albert Skira, were in fact unparalleled limited editions.

This exclusive Skira division crafts outstanding publications: from photography to ceramics, from sculpture to drawing, its work always ambitiously aims for the most refined results within the production of international artists. All the Limited Edition Skira know-how is now available for projects dedicated to famous brands and major fashion labels: limited edition books, that can be personalised in every smallest detail, radiating a sense of exclusiveness.



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