Museums and Exhibitions

Exhibition catalogues

Over the years, major exhibitions have become unmissable opportunities to update knowledge and their catalogues have often ended up taking the place of official monographs, becoming true frames of reference for studying that artist, that movement or that moment in the history of art.

Navigating one’s way through the 3,000 Skira titles gives a clear picture of this very upto- the-minute and by now international direction. Skira is, without doubt, the most important Italian publisher in the sector and has an authoritative presence in international markets with titles that have gone down in history, on subjects ranging from Leonardo to Caravaggio, Vermeer to Rubens, Munch to Picasso, and African art to the Japanese masters of the Floating World.

Bookshops and museum services

Skira is one of the leading names in Italy in the management of museum bookshops and socalled additional services. The bookshops managed by Skira on the Italian art circuit – be they permanent or intended only to accompany major events – are not simply outlets for the publisher; rather, they are structured and organised as bona fide specialist bookshops, featuring an impressive range of works from Italian and international publishers, as well as a wide range of merchandising products, both specially made and selected from those on offer at the world’s major museums. Skira’s input encompasses dozens of bookshops designed and managed every year, as well as permanent bookshops at key sites on the Italian museum and art circuit. The publishing house designs and publishes the relevant products (general and specific guides, monographs, picture books, study notebooks, teaching notebooks, ePublishing) and, at certain sites, it also deals with the ticketing, reception and educational services, in addition to press office services.

Design and production of major exhibitions

Since the late 1990s, in partnership with public-sector bodies, the Skira Group has been complementing its publishing and bookselling activity with the end-to-end production of major art exhibitions, staged in the most prestigious venues Italy has to offer. This was the genesis of such memorable events focusing on the Lombard Cinquecento, Futurism, Arcimboldo, Renoir, all the way to the lavish exhibition dedicated to the genius of Leonardo at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, which accompanied the start of the 2015 Expo, and the extraordinary Monet show in Turin that attracted over 300,000 visitors. From 2016 to 2020, under the MondoMostre Skira brand, a series of exceptionally high-quality exhibitions was staged, encompassing everything from Manet to the leading lights of Japanese art (Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro and Kuniyoshi), from the Italian section of the major “Picasso – Méditerranée” project – with exhibitions in Rome, Genoa and Milan – to the masterpieces of the museums of Philadelphia, Detroit and the Guggenheim in New York, all the way to sensational retrospectives on Caravaggio, Antonello da Messina and Georges de La Tour.

From the concept and design of exhibitions, with valuable input from a distinguished international advisory board, to the management of every organisational, marketing and financial aspect of the event, the Skira brand has become synonymous with the highest quality of conception and implementation for public-sector partners and for increasingly discerning and enthusiastic visitors, who very much look forward to Skira’s new exhibitions, such as the upcoming shows devoted to Titian and the masters of Pop Art.
In addition to the large-scale events mentioned above, Skira Mostre assists – through its own specialist organisation units – artists, foundations, cultural bodies and businesses on the design, planning and management of their own exhibition events.


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