Persian Ceramics


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Persian Ceramics
Persian Ceramics

From the 9th to the 14th Century

This magnificent book presents one hundred extraordinary pieces of medieval Persian ceramics and provides an overall history of the subject.
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In the complex and varied world of Islamic art ceramics play an important role. Medieval Persian ceramics in particular were extraordinary for their technical invention and imaginative refined iconography achieving artistic results that would be difficult to surpass in the art of pottery. Compared with early Islamic art, works of art from the Medieval period make much greater use of figural decoration and forms.
Alongside celebrated examples from some of the world’s most prestigious museum collections, this volume includes a series of hitherto unseen works. One hundred emotions are to be had in the precious and elegant collection of ancient ceramics conceived and brought together by Louise Michail and her daughter Narghes Sorgato. The project is the fruit of many years of passionate and studious research, with one hundred small masterpieces of ceramics produced in Persia between the 9th and 14th centuries. There are rare ceramics from Nishapur, having stained, dyed, or epigraphic decorations and often ornamentation of an interesting naturalistic kind, made with polished metal glazing. These brilliant and skilful works from the central Asian steppes demonstrate sophisticated technical talent that no doubt resulted from constant and original experimentation.
The precious medieval artefacts have highly inventive bands, in monochrome or vivid two-tone; each unique piece tells a story, often bringing an auspicious message of good will across the centuries.
The impressive and technically sophisticated pieces include plates, bowls, tiles, jugs, jars, and carafes. The book provides an exhaustive panorama of Persian ceramics striking a perfect balance between technical, stylistic and aesthetic analysis bringing the reader closer to this art of exceptional quality and beauty.
Giovanni Curatola is Professor of Archaeology and History of Islamic Art at the University of Udine. He also holds courses at the Catholic University in Milan and the Kore University in Enna. He is an extensive traveller and expert on the Near and Middle East. As an internationally renowned scholar he has held conferences and seminars in London, New York, Saint Petersburg and other parts of the world. He worked in Iraq (2004) on the recovery of the country’s archaeological and artistic heritage.
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Année de publication2006
édité parGiovanni Curatola
Format24 x 28cm
Illustrations en couleur155
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