Vietnam Eye

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Vietnam Eye
Vietnam Eye

Contemporary Vietnamese Art

An essential and comprehensive book on contemporary art in Vietnam today.
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Vietnam has developed rapidly in the last ten years with a new generation of contemporary artists who balance cultural and social issues with a very contemporary outlook, and who bring awareness of international art world trends to their work. The eighth volume of the “Eye” series, dedicated to contemporary art from Vietnam, focuses on a unique and exciting collection of artworks from emerging Vietnamese artists. The book provides a wide-ranging survey of contemporary art in Vietnam, showcasing seventy-five outstanding contemporary artists from Vietnam and their works. Like the previous Malaysian, Hong Kong, Korean, Indonesian, Singapore and Thailand “Eye” books, Vietnam Eye aims to provide a panoramic view of the situation of contemporary art in the country; it is therefore an important reference publication.
Serenella Ciclitira has an honours degree in art history from Trinity College, Dublin and has worked extensively with artists and galleries throughout the world. With her husband David Ciclitira, she is the co-founder of Korean Eye and a member of its curatorial board.
The display will be held in Hanoi from November 2016 to February 2017. Following the exhibition in Hanoi, selected artists from AIA Vietnam Eye will exhibit at one of London’s most prestigious spotlights on emerging artists and new art scenes, START at Saatchi Gallery, for an exhibition in September 2017.
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Année de publication2016
Format24 x 24cm
Illustrations en couleur528
expéditions Expéditions sur le territoire italien et à l’étranger en 4/5 jours ouvrables


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