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In collaboration with Alaska Idea, Skira is able to offer a range of services aimed at accompanying and developing marketing for publishing and exhibition projects entrusted to the group.Skira and Alaska offer expertise in a variety of different areas.

Virtual tour:

The publishing house has succeeded in perfecting technologies for the digitalization of cultural heritage and has created virtual tours for temporary exhibitions as well as permanent collections. The digitalization consists of a 360° photograph of the environment: this photo, which is in turn composed of other infinitesimal micro photos, makes it possible to reconstruct a place to perfection. Explanations, videos, captions and genuine guides can be added to the virtual tour.

Marketing through social media
Whether the project is a book or an exhibition, a well-managed dedicated social media channel helps to give it visibility, to increase interaction with the public and to achieve success. An excellent editorial plan is necessary, as well as expert management of the social media channels.

For marketing to be effective, there need to be specially designed graphics, with logos, layout plans and billboards. The coordinated image allows coherent and consistent marketing, facilitating mnemonic recall in clients, visitors and users.

Campaigns are a fundamental element of marketing. Whether they are aimed at sales, collecting contacts or brand identity, they represent the most important aspect of publicity. The main issues are identifying the target, defining the strategy and evaluating the KPIs.
Even in a world that lives online, traditional marketing remains a must, making it possible to achieve high visibility through billboard posting campaigns both inside and outside cities.

Now an indispensable element, the website is the most institutional touchpoint for any business. A website, generating the right amount of traffic, should give information about current or future activities, as well as collecting contacts and activating interaction mechanisms that make it possible to profile users and to understand their interests.

Production of videos and photos:
People tend to be increasingly attracted by videos and photos. Developing short video bites helps to transmit short messages over several channels, while a longer, more complex video will add depth to a topic.

Augmented reality:
The development of a dedicated and personalized app based on the necessary services, enables users to access extra content by simply framing an image with their mobile phone. It is possible to load content such as audios, videos, virtual tours and additional textual information.

Creation of special events for the conclusion of an awareness campaign or product launch, as well as customized evenings for groups and companies in exclusive and unforgettable environments.


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